Lance East Office is involved in a range of investments. These include:
VGW is a fast-growing technology company and creator of market-leading online social games.

VGW’s business is innovative and is setting new standards in the online social games market. VGW's success comes from hiring amazing people who are challenging the status quo by testing, pioneering and pushing the boundaries.

For over a decade, VGW has developed popular games that provide many players with entertainment.
CarExpert, Australia's only privately owned major automotive publisher, is dedicated to maintaining editorial integrity and prioritizing readers and new car buyers in their content.

They stand out by refusing sponsored content, focusing instead on providing impartial, informative, and high-quality car reviews, news, and comparisons. Their team of seasoned car experts is committed to restoring trust and transparency within the automotive industry, helping car buyers make more informed decisions.
One of Australia's fastest growing financial wellness platforms, helping Australians pay down debt faster.

Users can connect all their accounts to provide an overview of their money, set goals and consolidate debts into single repayments, among other award-winning features.
Bae Juice manufactures and retails hangover prevention juice made from 100% Korean pear juice, being sold in major Australian retailers and in the US.

The juice is sourced, squeezed and packaged from Naju, South Korea.

Founded by Tim O’Sullivan, Liam Gostencnik and Sumin Do, Bae Juice has experienced rapid growth and is available Australia wide, including in Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s & BWS.

The company has also expanded to the US, where they initially launched their retail strategy in New York and are available nationwide via Amazon and their website.
Icetana Limited (ASX: ICE) is a leading SaaS company specializing in video analytics technology for large-scale surveillance networks. Their cutting-edge software, utilizing AI and Machine Learning techniques, seamlessly integrates with existing video management systems and IP cameras to identify abnormal events and unexpected behavior in real-time.

This innovative technology has been successfully implemented in various private, public, and government sectors across more than 40 sites on four continents.
A Sydney-based pet health and wellness business led by animal lovers, vitamin formulators, vets and nutritionists who want pets to have access to the same level of care as people.

Leadr's supplements use clinically trialled, human-grade ingredients based on the latest scientific research so pets are as healthy as humanly possible.
Lance East Exotics comprises a luxury wholesale and retail motor dealership, specialising in the ultra-luxury, high performance super cars, ultra-high performance hyper cars and ultra-rare and limited vehicles.

The dealership offers an exclusive range of supercars that are not just modes of transportation, but expressions of personality and sophistication.

From the awe-inspiring roar of a Ferrari to the sleek elegance of an Aston Martin, Lance East Exotics handpicks every vehicle to ensure it meets its unparalleled standards of quality and performance.
Arise Racing, a homegrown West Australian Motorsports Team, has made a name for itself by competing both locally and nationally.

Catering to a wide range of drivers, from young talents to professionals, the team's impressive track record includes winning the State Championships in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. With notable drivers like the Love brothers, who have gone on to compete in prestigious events like the Porsche Supercup and Carrera Cup Australia, Arise Racing has demonstrated its ability to develop and support successful racers.
Beyond Custom, founded in 2007 by motoring enthusiast Leon Popovich, has become one of Australia's premier workshops and a leading online car accessory store.

They offer a complete selection of high-quality aftermarket parts for various vehicle makes and models at the lowest prices, boasting an inventory of over 100,000 parts from more than 100 world-class brands. In-house installation is available for all parts purchased, and they welcome worldwide customers for both purchase and installation.

The experienced staff at Beyond Custom have a combined working knowledge of 85 years, ensuring exceptional service when installing aftermarket products.